300 million year old screw in Russia, ancient fossil or alien trace?

February 17, 2024

While surveying a fossil site outside of Moscow in Russia, scientists found a rock with a screw inside, dating it to be about 300 million years old.

The Kosmopoisk research group is a group of Russian scientists with a special mission. Their job is to investigate news about UFOs, research mystical creatures and decode supernatural phenomena.

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300 million year old fossilized screw found in Russia. (Photo: Taringa)

In the 1990s, they received reports of a meteorite falling to Earth near the Kaluga area, Russia. Immediately, these researchers were present at the above location to perform analysis.

Here they encountered an extremely unusual object, which was a small screw about 2 cm long, with a design similar to a modern screw. But it’s not an ordinary snail, it’s a fossil.

Unexpected discovery about screws

After discovering the screw, Russian scientists brought it to the laboratory and performed analyzes to find its use and origin. First, they used dating estimation technology commonly used in paleontology research and discovered that the screw was between 300 and 320 million years old.

Fascinated by the object, scientists then X-rayed the fossil and discovered another unexpected detail: inside this screw was another smaller screw. .

Initially, it was guessed that this was the fossil of a long-lost sea crinoid. However, this theory has been discarded, because the size of 2cm is too large compared to the average size of this creature.

Another theory is that this screw has an alien origin, from a UFO or from some alien civilization other than Earth. This hypothesis receives a lot of support because the area where it was discovered often has meteorite falls.

300 million year old screw in Russia, ancient fossil or alien trace?

The origin of the screw is still a mystery. (Photo: bhaskar.com)

There are also some opinions that this could be evidence of an ancient advanced civilization in Russia, which existed hundreds of millions of years ago. So what is the truth?

There are still many things unknown to us in the distant history of mankind. History and archeology clearly do not paint the whole picture of our past, and objects like the screw above are evidence of this.

A 300-million-year-old "screw" | Earth

Discoveries like the above can be found anywhere, but perhaps because they are outside of modern academic thinking, they have not been popularized. However, all of those discoveries have shown that maybe what we know about human history and origins is completely wrong.