A great example of the practice of stamping your name into the rear lip of the neck guard.

March 25, 2024

It was found in Rijswijk near the Rhine River and is dated to the late 1st Century AD.

Getting away from the Emirates Stadium was surprisingly easy given the size of the crowd. We spent the night at a very basic B&B (well just a B) in Walthamstow. On the Sunday we spent about four hours at the British Museum. As always we just scratched the surface of these amazing exhibits, four hours is far too short a time to see it all, but I found that I just couldn’t absorb any more information after then. Here is a selection of some of these world-famous treasures.


The lovely atrium of the British Museum, usually just referred to as the BM.


Other treasures from the BM: enormous Assyrian statues.


The actual mummy of Queen Cleopatra


Another exhibit from the extensive Egyptology section.


A wonderful Anglo-Saxon helmet from the Sutton Hoo treasure.


A beautiful Grecian vase


Part of the famous and controversial Elgin Marbles. Originally on the Parthenon in Athens, should they be returned to Greece?


All but one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (the Great Pyramids) has been destroyed but these enormous statues from the Tomb of King Mausolus (the original mausoleum) remain.



A beautiful bronze age shield.


A gorgeous Bronze Age gold cape found in Wales.


The Rosetta Stone, one of the most famous archaeological finds of all time. Dating from Egypt 196 BC the stone has the inscription in Egyptian hieroglyphs, ancient Greek and Demotic Egyptian script and allowed hieroglyphs to be deciphered for the first time.