A Mummy of an Extraterrestrial Giant Alien Was Found in China

In late September 2017, a 3,000-year-old mummy was found in an ancient tomb in the city of Xi’an, China. The creature has been classified as an alien giant alien and is estimated to be 3 meters tall.

The “alien” is about three meters tall and has been dubbed “the Mummy of an Extraterrestrial Giant Alien.”

The discovery marks one of the most important discoveries from China in recent years because it sheds light on one of the most spectacular events in Chinese history – the Terracotta Army under Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

The remains of the creature that was found in China have revealed that this alien mummy is one of only four alien species ever to be discovered on EarthIn a study published in Nature, scientists have found a new type of breast cancer that is fast-growing and very aggressive. It’s been called triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). This rare kind of cancer doesn’t respond to hormone therapy, radiation, or chemotherapy.

1,500-year-old tomb in Mongolia saved from looters – The History Blog

A giant alien mummy was found in China. The skeletal remains are of a person from the early 18th century and were originally thought to be from a country in Eurasia.

Scientists believe that the mummy is an extraterrestrial being but it has not been confirmed. It is documented that some scientists have already been studying the remains and there is no doubt about how much humans will learn from this discovery.

Gold and jade found inside 2,000-year-old Chinese coffin | CGTN America

This discovery makes us think about how technology can speed up our research on new findings and bring more knowledge to us at a faster rate than ever before.

The remains of a mummy, adorned with jade and gold, were found in China. But what makes this find interesting is not the items it was buried with but its size. This mummy looks like it was from a giant alien who probably interacted and lived with people from ancient China.

The wooden coffin unearthed by archeologists from the Inner Mongolian University held the remains of a gigantic humanoid of unexplained origins. These 1,500-year-old remains are too mᴀssive to be human.

Gold and jade found inside 2,000-year-old Chinese coffin | CGTN America

Besides the curious specimen, the wooden tomb also held items from antiquity. The mummy was buried with several golden items usually found with ancient monarchs.

However, some people are not convinced that these remains belong to an unknown emperor from the country’s history. Since the coffin the mummy was in was not as intricate as what was commonly used for people of his alleged standing. The wooden coffin had significant ware, and the craftsmen put very little care into constructing it.

People are still waiting for an examination to be conducted on these remains. And while they wait, speculations are all they have.

Others argue that this giant might be an ancestor of another giant we know of, Kap Dwa. Kap Dwa is a Patagonian giant found near Argentina by Spanish sailors in the 1600s. However, unlike this mummy, the Patagonian giant was alive when the sailors first encountered him.

Kap Dwa was a mᴀssive twelve-foot-tall two-headed humanoid who was unfortunately killed after struggling to escape his Spanish captors. Since his death, his remains were pᴀssed from owner to owner until they settled in the Americas.

These two specimens may be the missing link we need to prove the existence of giant humanoids who once allegedly roamed Earth. Before their discovery, the only pieces of evidence we have of their existence were fossilized footprints and handprints littered across the globe.

If the investigation on these mummified remains concludes and is found to be related to Kap Dwa, it could prove the existence of these giants. However, it still wouldn’t explain why they’re no longer with us or why no other gigantic remains were found.