A nother using a trash can to hold her baby while she crochets in the park, 1969.

Kane Khanh | History
May 16, 2024

Keeping An Eye On Your Child

Có thể là hình ảnh đen trắng về 2 người và em bé

I was trying to think what people would say if they saw a scene like this in a park today.

Would they call the police? Would they confront the woman?

Probably not directly. They would just take use their cellphone and take a video or photos, share it on social media and shame the woman. Then the public outcry would lead authorities to track her down and charge her with “child abuse.” Geesh.

Certainly times have changed. Garbage pails are no longer considered appropriate playpens.

A Mom Uses a Trash Can to Contain Her Baby While She Crochets in the Park,  1969 ~ Vintage Everyday

The photograph titled “Is This Your Litter, Lady?” was taken by Ricardo J Ferro of the St. Petersburg Times. The photograph won first prize in the 1970 National Press Photographers Association annual competition for feature photography.

The bold and beautiful baby cage - Vox

After some contemplation there are two other things that crossed my mind. If the mother of the child saw this in the newspaper when it was published, did she buy multiple copies as keepsakes? Finally does the child who is now 50 years old or so, know of the existence of this photograph?

The baby cage craze never really caught on in New York City in the early  1900s | Ephemeral New York