According to legend, one-eyed giants that struck fear into humans once roamed the Earth.


According to legend, one-eyed giants that struck fear into humans once roamed the Earth. Surprisingly, these beings did exist, albeit as the result of a failed experiment by the Annunakis. The Annunakis attempted to manipulate the DNA of Homo habilis, aiming to enhance their size, strength, and intelligence.

The outcome was impressive in terms of size, as they reached nearly three meters in height and had the physical strength to lift a horse. However, their intellectual development lagged behind.

Their level of advancement was only slightly higher than that of mermaids. They lived in small family communities and possessed very primitive tools. While they did develop some form of language, it was limited and seemed to result from contact with humans, rather than being an original creation.

These Cyclops inhabited various regions, including parts of Africa, Europe, and areas along the Mexico-U.S. border in America. Evidence of their existence, dating back to 30,000 years ago, was found in caves. The last recorded mention of them can be traced back to the time of the Odyssey, during which the few remaining Cyclops on Easter Island likely inspired the legend of Polyphemus.

The only remnants of their culture that have endured are the giant sculptures found on Easter Island. They revered the Annunakis as gods and crafted these sculptures in their honor.

Their burial practices involved sea burials, and the last surviving members of their race set out in rudimentary canoes towards the mainland, although they never reached their intended destination. This marked the disappearance of the Cyclops from the world, and as a result, very few of their skeletons have survived to modern times.

Occasionally, native fishermen have come across skulls and bones in the sea near Easter Island, but the poor state of preservation and the vast area that would need to be explored have made it nearly impossible to secure funding for a scientific expedition in search of further remains.