Aliens Have Come To Earth Since Ancient Times: 6 Indisputable Living Evidence ‎

February 18, 2024
All these paintings have something in common. They seem to tell the same story and the incredible “flying machine” is integrated into the “landscape”. But at that time, who in history could have had the ability to fly?

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Among the archaeological discoveries known in the world, there are works such as drawings and sculptures of foreign cultures and alien characters appearing in many places around the world.

In the Bible, the Indian Epic Mahabharata or Buddhism, the images of humans and Gods are identical. However, in the discovered ancient cultural relics, people found many images completely different from humans, not being Gods but like visitors from the universe. It shows that in ancient times there were objects that transcended time and space such as astronauts, airplanes, flying saucers and other things, which is truly unimaginable.

Here are the proofs.

1. Clay statue of a person in Japan in 14,000 BC

As early as 14,000 BC, clay statues of the ancient Jomon culture (Neolithic period) flourished in Japan. They used tons of clay to create early ceramics, including some inexplicable clay statues. These clay figurines often depict animals and people, but many have excessively large eyes, looking like astronauts wearing goggles.

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Jomon culture clay statue (Rc 13 / wikimedia commons)

2. Ubaid lizard people, Iraq 5500-4000 BC

In Iraq in the Middle East, the Ubaid people also have mysterious statues. An archaeological site found during the Ubaid period. There were many human statues shaped like lizards 7,000 years ago. The statues have long heads, almond-shaped eyes, narrow conical faces, and lizard-shaped noses.

File:Dogu Miyagi 1000 BCE 400 BCE.jpg - Wikipedia
Statues in the Jomon period still looked more human, but the Ubaid statues in Mesopotamian culture 7,000 years ago were very flamboyant, looking like a person with a lizard head. An even creepier statue depicts a lizard woman breastfeeding her lizard baby.

Lizardmen are widely considered by scholars to be a race of alien creatures.

3. Tam Tinh Mound Site, China 4600 years ago

When the archaeological artifacts excavated at the Tam Tinh Mound site (San Tinh Doi site) in China were first announced, they immediately caused a stir around the world and were praised by world archaeologists as “The 9th wonder of the world”. There are many bronze statues unearthed. These bronze statues are beautifully cast and have different shapes. In the process of casting many cultural relics, the ancients, in addition to expressing people’s self-image, also seemed to recreate the portraits of real outsiders at the time. Are these aliens, whose faces are far from human, from outer space?

Among the countless bronze human faces, there are three famous statues “Thien Ly Eye, Thuan Phong Ear”. Not only are they enormous in size, they also have prominent eye sockets and their ears are extremely flamboyant. From the casting technique, they do not belong to any type of Chinese bronze. Not a single word was left on these bronze castings, which is truly unimaginable. Therefore, many people have speculated that the Go Tam Tinh civilization could also be “a masterpiece and relic of aliens”.

Aliens Have Come To Earth Since Ancient Times: 6 Indisputable Living Evidence ‎Bronze mask with vertically protruding eyes (Bairuilong / wikimedia commons)

The relics of Go Tam Tinh make people unable to help but think about the ancient Egyptian pyramids. The pyramid and Tam Tinh Mound are both located at 30°North latitude, and the arrangement between them is also very interesting, all are arranged diagonally on the high platform.

Regarding the mystery of the arrangement of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, it has been discussed that the oblique line of the Egyptian pyramids is related to the constellation Orion in the sky. Because the position of the constellation Orion in the Milky Way is slightly tilted to the southwest, and the position of the pyramid facing the Nile is also slightly tilted to the southwest. It shows that the ancients fully considered this astronomical relationship before building the pyramid. That is, the pyramid is compared to three stars in the constellation Orion (Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse). As for the Go Tam Tinh site, the name has a connection to the stars. “Tam Tinh semi-moon (Moon Bay)” and “Three Tinh at Ho” is a famous theme that even women and children in the ancient Guanghan area know. Furthermore, Sanxing Mound and Nhan River (in the north of Moon Bay, commonly known as Ap Tu River) also tilt slightly to the southwest. It can be seen that the arrangement of Mount Tam Tinh corresponds to the arrangement of the constellation Orion.

4. Ieronimus Cathedral, Spain: Reliefs of the 1102 astronaut

There is a mysterious astronaut relief on a church in Spain. This is the Church of Ieronimus, built in 1102. On the bas-reliefs are carved mythical animals and Saints. Surprisingly, there is a particularly attractive bas-relief of an astronaut.

Aliens Have Come To Earth Since Ancient Times: 6 Indisputable Living Evidence ‎There’s a mysterious astronaut relief on a church in Spain (public domain)

This bas-relief is of an astronaut in spacesuit. It makes many people think and guess: Could it be that astronauts existed more than a thousand years ago? But human science and technology at that time made it impossible to have astronauts. But if it didn’t exist, how could people create such a relief? Could it be that astronauts traveled through time back more than 1,000 years ago? And did they leave their mark on this trip?

5 – Ancient Maya city

Painting of an astronaut flying a spaceship
In 1952, a stone tablet with drawings and patterns was excavated from the ruins of an ancient Mayan city on the Mexican plateau. At that time, people only considered this a sculpture of ancient Mayan Mythology. On the stone slab in Palenque appears a picture of an astronaut driving a spaceship. The drawing is distorted, but the spacecraft’s air intakes, exhaust pipes, joysticks, pedals, rudders, antennas, hoses and various instruments are still clearly visible. In human memory, people began sending spacecraft into space in the 60s of the 20th century. This shocked American scientists who were involved in aerospace research. I woke up.

Aliens Have Come To Earth Since Ancient Times: 6 Indisputable Living Evidence ‎

In 1942, Mexican archaeologists discovered an abandoned Mayan city in the hinterland of Chiapas, Mexico and also discovered an ancient Mayan tunnel. Archaeologists believe it is at least 50,000 years old. In the tunnel, what is extremely surprising is the wide, straight walkway and glazed walls, and there are drawings of alien astronauts on the stone slabs.

There are countless strange prehistoric artifacts in the tunnel, including the golden book mentioned in the ancient legends of many peoples. The rigor, majesty and magic of the tunnel surpasses the intellect of modern people, making famous writers with bold imaginations stunned. Archaeologists believe that tunnel construction used ultra-high-tech ultra-high-temperature drills and directional electron beam blasting. It is created by some technology that modern humans do not yet have.

6. UFOs in ancient paintings

Since the Roseville incident of 1947 (a suspected UFO crashed and its crew was captured), there have been too many TV, movies and comic books depicting things related to UFOs. However, in ancient times, there were also many paintings and other works of art that left traces of aliens.

UFOs appeared very early in the history of human art. Native American cave paintings depict spaceships and creatures in spacesuits that appear to have fallen from spaceships. There are also cave paintings of this type in Africa and Australia. Paintings depicting UFOs are common in cultures around the world.

There are also quite a few UFOs in religious painting. The picture below is the painting “In Praise of the Holy Meal” by Bonaventura Salimbeni.

Some say it’s possible that the X-files aren’t actually located in the US’s Area 51, but in the Louvre.

Aliens Have Come To Earth Since Ancient Times: 6 Indisputable Living Evidence ‎Painting “In Praise of the Holy Meal” by Bonaventura Salimbeni (public domain)

The following 1350 painting shows two flying vehicles with humanoid creatures inside. This painting hangs on the altar of the Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo, Yugoslavia.

This painting is a very detailed work of art. We have seen a number of different objects, all drawn around Christ, but after seeing this painting, two objects seem to outnumber the others in the painting. outstanding. On the left and right sides of the picture they seem to depict two people in some kind of spaceship. According to modern interpretations, these “objects” were placed in the painting to depict the sun and moon like other paintings. But why put “pilots” or people in there?

Is this the real artist who painted our sun and moon? Or is the artist trying to depict something otherworldly? Something, his arm was pulled out, reaching forward. The subject on the right shows a person turning his head to see what is behind him. Are these two objects about UFOs and their crew? Or are they just artists’ ways of depicting the sun and moon?

Dogū figurines: the most remarkable products of Japan's Jomon Period | The  Vintage News

This painting hangs on the altar of the Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo, Yugoslavia (public domain)

The painting is titled “Our Lady and Saint Giovannino”. This painting was painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494) in the 15th century and hung in the Palazzo Vecchio. In the upper right corner, you can clearly see a person and his dog looking up at a UFO in the sky.

On the left shoulder of the Virgin Mary, we see a disc-shaped object, which appears to be glowing – a UFO? This is an object carefully depicted by the artist to ensure that it stands out in the painting. On the right side of the picture we see a person raising his right arm to his eyes. Artists use it to convey a message that the object is very bright. In the upper left corner of the picture we can see an object that looks like the sun.

This means that the artist drew the disc-shaped object and gave it a shiny detail. He made sure to draw it on the right side of the sun. So we know that this bright object will not be confused by the sun. Take a look at this disc-shaped object. It doesn’t look like your average cloud, so if it’s neither the sun nor a cloud, what could it be?

Is the painting “Our Lady and Saint Giovannino” an illustration of visits to other worlds? The artist thought this item was extremely important, otherwise he wouldn’t have put it there, and it wouldn’t look like what we see here, it’s so meticulously painted.

Aliens Have Come To Earth Since Ancient Times: 6 Indisputable Living Evidence ‎“Our Lady and Saint Giovannino” (public domain)

And this picture, people are pointing at a strange object in the sky. Do you think it looks like a UFO? It still seemed to be glowing.

Aliens Have Come To Earth Since Ancient Times: 6 Indisputable Living Evidence ‎Domenico ghirlandaio(sailko / wikidia commons )

This painting called “The Miracle of Snow” was painted by Masolino da Panicale and depicts the wonder of Rome with snow in the August heat. In the picture, at first glance, people look like a cloud, but in the eyes of modern people, is this really a cloud? It really looks like the flying saucer army that appears in the movie. ..

The first thing you might think of to explain these objects is clouds. But are they really clouds? Did the author draw all the clouds in the shape of a “saucer” or disk? There is a particularly interesting picture in this painting. Except, it’s the one on the right side of the building. When you see it, it resembles some modern depictions of UFOs.

Aliens Have Come To Earth Since Ancient Times: 6 Indisputable Living Evidence ‎Army of UFOs in the photo “Miracle of Snow” (public domain)

The interpretation of each painting varies from person to person, but all of these paintings have something in common. They seem to tell the same story and the incredible “flying machine” is integrated into the “landscape”. But at that time, who in history could have had the ability to fly?