An ancient Egypt Pharaohs were the Extraterrestrials?

They needed to be hoisted over time they reached their capstone, so how did any race do this and accomplish this? especially when they came 2,000, of jesus.

According to historians, the great pyramid took only 20 years to construct.
if true, workers would have had to quarry, craft and fit a multi-ton block every 2 1/2 minutes.
That’s an amazing feat, even when you’re talking about 21s century technology.
so how did the ancien egyptians do it? really, the only answer to tha that you can come up with tha makes sense today is they had help.

Ancient Aliens: Ancient Egypt's Alien-Hybrid Ruler (Season 12, Episode 5) |  History - YouTube

They had to have had help.

How could the human race do this by themselves? the degree of accuracy found in the pyramids’ construction also indicates a higher intelligence.

The positioning of the pyramid is absolutely precise.
It points due north within 500s of a degree.
no other structure on earth has that kind of precision.
constructed with what the egyptians referred to as sacred geometry, the pyramids are said to have once been polished to reflect sunlight enough to be visible from space.

but what was the purpose of such a beacon? and could the answer be buried within this sacred geometry? the equations and the mathematics required to have figured that out were so advanced, that only someone looking at the earth from the sky or from space would have figured out the mathematics for the equation.

The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt by Toby Wilkinson; Myths and Legends of  Ancient Egypt by Joyce Tyldesley; and Egyptian Dawn by Robert Temple |  History books | The Guardian

analysis indicates that the height of the great pyramid, when multiplied by one billion, measures the average distance of the earth from the sun.
the full base circumference of the great pyramid is a near to scale match for the circumference of the earth a the equator.

when you take all this into consideration, how did the egyptians get all this advanced information? it was way beyond the technology of ancient egypt and way beyond civilization itself.

that’s why many ancient alien theorists believe that ancien egypt was actually, in part, an ancient extraterrestrial civilization.
if extraterrestrial intelligence influenced these great structures, it implies that alien beings may have fel a kinship with mankind.
otherwise, why did they leave behind the great pyramid or the structure that could explain to us where they came from? the sphinx.
at 66 feet high and 240 feet in length, it is the larges monolith statue in the world.
and within it, is a secret tha may prove that the structures of ancient egypt did not originate from our planet.
the great sphinx contains a number of mysteries beyond our understanding, but the greates of which is right on its surface.

in 1991, geologists from boston university discovered erosion and weather patterns on the sphinx that date its construction thousands of years before the existence of the egyptian civilization.

then that means that the sphinx would predate the egyptian culture by thousands of years.
if the egyptians didn’t build the sphinx, then who or wha did? coming up next, a chilling possibility is revealed by nasa.
these great structures may no be from earth at all.
and the photographs that could prove it will shock the world when we return.
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