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Visit the 7 ‘giants’ guarding Russia’s mountains


The stone pillars of the Man Pupu Nyor plateau are a geological heritage carved deep in the Ural Mountains of Russia. This deserves to be an excellent natural wonder.The majestic beauty of 7 stone pillars at Man Pupu Nyor plateau.

The story of the magician and the six giants

The Man Pupu Nyor Plateau is located right in the basin of the Icholyaga and Pechora rivers, inhabited by the Mansi, Komi and Russian people. Part of the Man Pupu Nyor plateau belongs to the Ural Mountains – one of the world’s oldest mountain ranges stretching across the north, south and across the west of Russia. The Ural Mountains are considered the natural boundary between Europe and Asia. On this lonely plateau, there exist 7 impressive weathered stone pillars with different heights from 30 to 42m.


The unusual shape and location of the seven giant stone pillars located on the Man Pupu Nyor plateau have been a source of inspiration for hundreds of legends over the years. But perhaps most worth mentioning is the Mansi legend about the appearance of these stone pillars. There were 6 giants attacking the Mansi tribe, they followed every step of this tribe and almost caught up to the upper reaches of the Pechora River (where the Mansi tribe lived). But suddenly a wizard with a face as white as lime appeared, blocking the way and chanting a spell to turn the other 6 giants into stone. Unfortunately, the warlock’s magic was limited, so he eventually turned to stone. This also explains the layout of the seven stone pillars at the Man Pupu Nyor plateau.

6 of the 7 giant stone columns are grouped together in clusters, only one stone column is located a few meters apart from the group. They all look like towering statues in the middle of a vast plateau. It is believed that there was a mountain in this area 200 to 300 million years ago, but under the influence of nature: rain, wind and snowstorms eroded and destroyed the mountain, leaving behind 7 pillars. beautiful stone as it is today. The structure and size of 7 stone pillars located in the Pechoro – Ilych reserve, in the southeastern part of the Komi republic, still pose a great challenge to today’s physics.

Amazing sights

If you love adventure and are looking for a vacation in an unforgettable place, maybe the Man Pupu Nyro plateau is a new challenge. Unstable weather causes the 7 stone pillars to change shape many times a day. Every month, these stone pillars bring something new to the plateau. Therefore, this tourist destination is interesting to many tourists, without worrying about peak season like other famous tourist destinations.

Visitors will be completely overwhelmed by the majestic, wild beauty of nature and wonders of the Man Pupu Nyor plateau. Although there are also weathered stone pillars in Russia, no other stone pillars can compete with the beauty of the 7 giants that reign here.

The 7 stone pillars on the Man Pupu Nyor plateau are completely worthy of being a wonder at its high altitude and its unique beauty on the vast, relatively flat plateau, filled only with moss, grass and wildflowers.

The beauty of the stone pillars in the Man Pupu Nyor plateau:

Winter at the Man Pupu Nyor plateau.