By dating Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce is living his ‘happily ever after’

May 7, 2024

Travis Kelce seems satisfied with his current life after returning from vacation with girlfriend Taylor Swift.

In an interview with People, football player Travis Kelce shared a lot about his private life. In it, he did not hesitate to mention his famous girlfriend Taylor Swift and the happy times with the singer.

“I’m in a state of happiness like never before. Many people say that life is a glass half full or half empty, but mine is too full. Right now I’m enjoying life,” Travis Kelce shared after returning from a vacation in the Bahamas with the singer born in 1989.

Not only happy about dating Taylor Swift, the Kansas Chiefs captain is also extremely satisfied after winning his third championship at the Super Bowl. After this event, he thought that all doors were opening for him.

“I’ve just been through all the open doors and experienced life. I’m grateful to the people who brought me here and also always in the most excited state,” he added.

The love story between the pop star and the rugby player is becoming more and more serious. Both have met the other’s parents and both families support them. Not only that, fans are also extremely excited to witness the romantic love story between two world stars.