Connecting the Dots for Dolphins Schedule Nuggets

May 7, 2024

Jevon Holland and his pick-six at MetLife Stadium last season

The NFL hasn’t announced its 2024 regular season schedule yet, nor has it even announced when the release date will be.

But that hasn’t stopped speculation from popping up about things like the number of prime-time games each team, like the Miami Dolphins, will get.

While that’s more conjecture based on a team’s popularity and expected performance next season, there are some clues when it comes to a couple of specific weeks for the Miami Dolphins.


Let’s start with the end, specifically the Dolphins’ Week 18 matchup.

What we do know for sure is that based on the scheduling formula that’s been in place since 2010, it will be against an AFC East opponent.

In the 14 seasons the format has been in place, the Dolphins have faced every scenario possible for a season finale except for one: Dolphins at New York Jets.

The teams have faced each other four times in the final week of the regular season in that span, but every time in Miami.

Then we add the fact the Dolphins closed at home each of the past three seasons — against the Buffalo Bills last year, against the Jets in 2022 and against the New England Patriots in 2021 — and maybe the law of average kicks in.

Of course, this is where we could point out that the NFL did give the Dolphins five consecutive finales at home from 2013-17, so four in a row wouldn’t be unprecedented.


More of a strong likelihood is the Dolphins being on the road or on their bye in Week 7.

And that will be because of Taylor Swift.

She will be performing at Hard Rock Stadium three consecutive nights, Friday Oct. 18 through Sunday, Oct. 20, so no Dolphins home game on those days. And it’s hard to envision the Dolphins being given a Thursday prime-time home game the night before the first of her three concerts.

For reference purposes, the Dolphins haven’t had a bye scheduled that early in the season since 2019 when their bye came in Week 5. The Dolphins did end up with their bye in Week 7 in 2020, but that was the result of the NFL shuffling the schedule after the start of the regular season because of the complications caused by COVID-19.