Derinkuyu: The Ancient Underground City Discovered in Turkey (Video)

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
August 6, 2023

In the heart of Turkey lies Cappadocia, a region steeped in history. Its remarkable landscape features fairy chimneys and rugged cliffs, but even more captivating is the extensive network of underground cities beneath it.

Accidentally discovered in 1972 by a local farmer, an entrance was found while he noticed water draining into a hole on his field. Upon investigation, he uncovered a vast underground metropolis made of stone, now known as Asgana. This accidental find sparked further interest among archaeologists and explorers, leading to subsequent excavations.

Over the years, more underground cities were uncovered, each revealing a complex and interconnected network of chambers, tunnels, and rooms. Recent excavations challenged past assumptions, pushing their origins back possibly 12,000 years.

The architects behind these structures remain a mystery, and hieroglyphs found nearby have sparked debates about their origins. Some suggest the involvement of the Hittites, but evidence indicates that the underground cities predate them, hinting at a lost ancient civilization’s existence. The impressive structures were carved with remarkable skill using only hand tools, raising questions about the society’s advanced knowledge and purpose.

As researchers continue their investigations, the secrets of these enigmatic cities may unlock valuable insights into ancient civilizations and their remarkable achievements.

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Top image: Derinkuyu or Kaymakli underground city ancient cave in Cappadocia, Turkey. Source: Parilov / Adobe Stock.