Dolphins Draft Picks’ Most Revealing Comments

April 29, 2024

Checking out the most memorable comment from each of the Miami Dolphins’ seven 2024 draft picks and the story it told

Mohamed Kamara

Some things we learned about the Miami Dolphins’ seven draft picks through their most notable quotes:


The big topic of conversation after the selection of Robinson was the lack of sack production despite his highly touted athleticism.

His answer: “For me, it was just being inconsistent with my hands. I know I had the speed and the bend, but sometimes I forget to use my hands. But that’s something I’ve been working on this whole offseason, and I feel very confident because I’ve been working on this so much repeatedly and I know it’s going to be natural when it comes time to put my hands to use.”

After reports came out that he weighed 11 pounds at birth, or 12, or 14, Robinson settled the issue while shedding some light on his nickname of “Pork Chop.”

Robinson: “Yeah, when I was born, I was 14 pounds, and then it was ‘Pork Chop’ as my nickname. Got older, slimmed down, took the ‘Pork’ out, kept the ‘Chop.’”


The tackle from Houston has a lot of interesting sides to him, including his proficiency in martial arts.

That’s very cool, considering the player he was selected to follow at left tackle, Terron Armstead, has taken up boxing.

This is what Paul had to say about his martial training.

Paul: “I’ve been boxing now, I’ve been doing MMA for five to six years now. It’s something I was introduced to when I first came to Houston by the offensive linemen that were currently there and I took it on from there. As soon as I went to one class, I fell in love. I happened to be really good at it early on and I keep honing my skills since then. It’s something that is one of my hobbies and one of the things that I really enjoy and it helps with on-the-field stuff. It correlates to the field. It’s a great hobby to have.”


When he was at Tennessee in 2021, the speedy running back created a logo for his NIL deal and he said at the time it meant “the cheetah mentality.”

That, of course, brought up Tyreek Hill during Wright’s introductory Zoom session.

“That’s just something that me and my dad came up with a long, long time ago. I mean, I’ve always been fast. He just started calling me, ‘Cheetah.’ I already know there’s already a Cheetah on the Dolphins, so I’m going to let him have that Cheetah – that’s his thing. But yeah, it’s something my dad always said to me because I’m fast. ‘Cheetah Mentality’ is always going to be a thing, but like I said, I already know there’s a Cheetah on the Dolphins and I’m letting him have that.”


As mentioned on Twitter, the defensive standout from Colorado State has a little of Bryan Cox in him — and older Dolphins fans will know that means the dude plays with a chip on his shoulder.

In college, that came in part from being undersized, but now he’s got added motivation — like he really needed any more — because of where he was drafted.

Kamara: “To be honest, I’m very excited, but I also am very, very angry going the round that I did. That’s just my personality. I knew I could’ve gone higher and I wanted to go higher, but the lovely team of Miami picked me up and I’m going to give them that burning desire. I have a chip on my shoulder, so it just got even greater. So everybody else, all 31 other teams, look out because the way I’m about to play against these guys, you should’ve picked me before. That’s just the type of person I am so respect to those guys and I’m grateful for Miami for picking me up, but I know what I’m going to bring to the field and every other team has to see me. … I’m grateful for Miami allowing me to even get picked, but for me and my personally I’m going to just take that and just roast the whole NFL. That’s just how I look at things.”


The leading receiver in all of FBS in 2023, the Virginia wide receiver earned praise from scouts from his toughness and his willingness to go across the middle despite being slightly undersized.

Washington: “Some of that stuff you can’t cultivate, you have to be born with it. You have to be born with a certain mind-set, a certain toughness, and I feel like ever since I started playing football, that’s just how I played. That’s how I play the game, that’s how I see the game. It’s going to be hardnosed. You’re going to have to stick your nose in there and get dirty sometimes.”


The Cal’s safety draft-day interaction with the Dolphins got off to a, let’s say, shaky start.

McMorris: “It was a weird thing. I’ve been getting spam calls, and I thought this was just another one because I picked up and nothing went through for a couple seconds so I hung up. Then they called back again and then someone picked up. It was definitely kind of a little weird experience right there. The whole phone call, it’s just so surreal. You watch it on TV, you watch these guys get picked year in and year out seeing those videos of them getting the call. Now you’re being in that moment, it’s definitely a crazy experience. It was a dream of mine to get drafted and be able to play in the NFL. So just kind of continuously living out that dream, it was definitely an exciting moment. I’m still a little shaky right now. But I’m definitely happy.”


As a seventh-round selected, it’s entirely possible — if not likely — that the USC wide receiver’s ability to make the 53-man roster will be dependent on his ability to make a quick contribution on special teams.

Washington is well aware, ready for the challenge and borderline chomping at the bit.

Washington: “That’s huge. Special teams has always been a part of my game. Coaches have had to beg me over the years to take maybe one off and things like that. Gunner on punt, corner on punt return, kickoff returner, off returner, a lot of history in special teams. I love to compete. Anytime I get the opportunity to be on the field, I want to be out there.”