Eskimo women answered the the door in thongs made of seal fur



We couldn’t imagine someone answering the door in their underwear these days but Inuit women apparently loved doing so 130 years ago.

This would suggest thongs aren’t a new concept, with the Eskimos from Greenland donning the seal fur bottoms, which can be viewed at the National Museum of Denmark, both inside and outdoors.

‘When weather conditions permitted, the naatsit was often the only garment worn, both in the home and outside in the settlement,’ said Cunera Buijs, who works at Japan’s National Museum of Ethnology.


The snazzy naatsit (thong) was decorated in beads and made using seal pelt.

But it wasn’t the only clothing that was risque, a pair reindeer skin pantyhose from that time were also on display.

Pantyhose, Inuit