From Another Perspective: Aliens Control and Manipulate Humans

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, an advanced civilization had come to a standstill. The Zetarians, a race of highly intelligent beings, had exhausted all avenues of scientific research and development on their own planet, Zetar. For eons, they had been the masters of their world, evolving and progressing at an exponential rate. But now, they had hit a wall. Their thirst for knowledge was unquenchable, and they turned their gaze towards other galaxies, searching for new species to study and learn from.

Lizard People & The Nazi's. How this bizarre conspiracy traces back… | by  Sara Jones | Medium

In the Milky Way, a tiny blue planet attracted their attention. It was teeming with life forms, the most advanced of which were the humans. The Zetarians were intrigued by the humans’ capacity for emotion, something their own species had long since evolved past. They decided to study them, not out of malice, but out of curiosity, a desire to understand the vast array of emotions and actions these beings were capable of.
The Zetarians initiated a silent invasion, invisible to the naked eye. They did not come in great ships of war, nor did they make grand proclamations of control. Instead, they infiltrated the minds of the humans, using advanced technology to create a virtual simulation within the human consciousness. They observed and manipulated their thoughts, emotions, and actions, all the while remaining undetected.

From their observations, the Zetarians learned a great deal about the human capacity for love, hate, joy, sorrow, and a myriad of other emotions. They were fascinated by the humans’ drive to survive, to protect their loved ones, and to seek happiness. They were equally intrigued by the darker side of humanity, their capacity for violence, deception, and cruelty.

Are We Already Living in Virtual Reality? | The New Yorker

But as they continued to observe, a strange phenomenon began to occur. The Zetarians, who had long since evolved past the need for emotions, started to feel. They began to experience joy, sadness, fear, and love, emotions they had not felt for millennia. The human emotions, so potent and powerful, had somehow seeped into their consciousness, changing them forever.

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