Max Factor’s Beauty Calibrator: A beauty-measuring device to analyze facial flaws, 1930s

Kane Khanh | History
May 14, 2024

This articel is to introuce our team’s idol, Maximilian Faktorovich, who promote the development of false eyelashes. Because of him, we love cosmetic industry and choose false eyelashes industry.

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In 1872, Maximilian Faktorovich was born in Poland. When he was very young, he studied as an apprentice with a make-up artist. When he grew up, Fakrotovic served in the Russian army like many of his peers. After he retired, he opened a cosmetics store near Moscow. Soon he became the official makeup artist of the Royal Russian Opera, and even the royal family members Ask makeup tips. Although Faktorovich was quite successful in his career, as a Jew, he was uneasy about the growing anti-Semitism in Russia at the time.

In 1904 he finally immigrated to the United States with his wife and three children. When the Faktorovichs waited for entry in Ellis Island, New York, customs officials made their own claims to shorten their surnames to “Fuckert” for convenience. The Fuckert family first settled in St. Louis and later moved to Los Angeles because he saw the wigs and cosmetics business opportunities in the emerging movie industry and was determined to make a big impact.

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Fucker painted lipstick for Hollywood actress Louise Fazenda in 1924.

In 1909, Fuckert founded a company named after his own name, which is now known as the Mestre Buddha company. Since then, he has conducted in-depth research and experiments on cosmetics and launched a series of new products.

As Fuckert envisioned, his products are very popular in Hollywood, especially for cosmetics developed by film actor. Because they don’t clump or crack like traditional oil paints, they are highly praised by the actors. Not long after, Fuckert became a beauty consultant for many Hollywood big-name movie stars, and by the way he promoted his cosmetics.

He boasted that as long as the cosmetics are used correctly, every woman can shine brightly because “very few people are born with beauty,” Beauty is created by the day after tomorrow.” Fuckert also made a lot of efforts for the invention and promotion of the “beauty micrometer”. This seemingly scary metal instrument can accurately measure the facial contour of a woman in order to give a targeted makeup solution. In 1929, Fuckert won the Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the film industry.

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In 1925, Fuckert introduced a new rouge to actress Renee Adori.

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In 1930, Fuckert demonstrated a new method of applying lipstick.

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In 1930, Fuckert fueled the singer Ella Shields.

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In 1930, actress Catherine Burke painted lipstick under the guidance of Fuckert.

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In 1930, Fuckert painted lipstick for the silent film actress Marqui Bellamy.

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In 1930, Fucker applied an eye shadow to actress Josephine Dunn.

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On December 28, 1932, Fakter and Lei Judd faced a variety of lipsticks.

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In 1930, Fucker made up for the actress Dorothy McKell.

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In 1933, Fuckert used a beauty micrometer to measure the facial features of women.

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In 1933, the metal beauty micrometer looked a bit horrible, like some kind of torture.

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In 1932, Fuckert was measuring the facial features of women with a beauty micrometer, and the assistants next to them recorded various data.