Mysterious “Fairy” Mummy In Mexico, Has A Human-Like Face

July 17, 2023

With a human-like body and face structure, many people believe that this is the mummy of a “fairy”.

Specialist in the study of supernatural phenomena Luisa Cid, Mexico has published a documentary video that includes images of the corpse of a creature with human-like structure. Many theories suggest that this is the body of a “fairy” or a tiny person.

The strange shape of the creature was found in Mexico.

The mummy has a small shape, only about 30cm long. The body is made up of two legs, two wings, two arms and a full-fingered hand. In addition, the creature’s face is similar to that of a human.

The body structure is similar to that of a human.

Has bat-like wings.

Human face.

In particular, this strange mummy was found in January 2010, in a forest in Mexico, but it was not until the end of 2012 that the owner of the mysterious corpse decided to make it public to the media. . However, this person’s identity remains a secret.

According to Mexican biologist Enrique Ortiz, this is also a common biological organism. However, we cannot be sure of its exact origin. This could be a new animal, an unknown creature unknown to humans, or it could just be an insect, which is just a strange genetic mutation discovered.