Now that OBJ is in the Fold What will the Miami Dolphins Offense Look Like

May 8, 2024

No matter how you look at the OBJ signing by Miami, this was a very good signing for the Dolphins. Besides Beckham’s abilities on the field, this contract has a low to no risk, with Odell only receiving $3 million this season. Instead of focusing on the financials that are in the front office and owner Stephen Ross’s hands, let’s look at what OBJ brings to Miami on the field though.

OBJ provides Tua with reliable hands and is a great third option in the passing game. In addition, OBJ provides depth and insurance in case Jaylen Waddle or Tyreek Hill get injured as he is suited to fill in as a starter should that be necessary.

In the first half of the Super Bowl vs. the Bengals, he played in as a member of the Rams, and he caught two passes for 52 yards and scored a touchdown. He stepped up in a big game in a big moment when he was healthy prior to his ACL injury.

OBJ is now believed to be fully healthy, which was noticeable at the end of the 2023 season for the Ravens. Last season, he ended with 35 receptions, 565 yards receiving, three touchdowns, and 16.1 yards per reception. Not bad because he played for a team that led the NFL in the run-to-pass percentage from 52.3% to 47.7%. The Dolphins were 16th in the NFL with 44.6% run to 55.4% pass. Needless to say, OBJ is going to have a lot more opportunities in Miami than he did in Baltimore.

I know you are saying, Eddie, what has that got to do with what the Miami offense will look like this year? Well, it is time for me to break down my thoughts on what the Dolphins can do with OBJ. Now, he is a part of one of the best NFL offenses already.

Last year, Miami led the NFL with 401.3 yards per game and was second with 29.2 points per game. These are great numbers, considering Cedrick Wilson was the 3rd wide receiver. This is not a knock on Wilson. He came up big a couple of times when the Dolphins needed him. He was 3rd on the team with 545 snaps. Berrios was 4th with 456.

However, Cedrick Wilson is not as good as OBJ in any aspect of the game. Miami now has a receiver who will high-point a football and make tough contested catches. He gets good separation and has always been a good yards-after-catch guy.

Here are some of the different packages Coach McDaniel and the Dolphin’s offense can use.

It is possible for the Dolphins to go traditional with an I formation with Hill, Waddle, the Dolphins’ choice of running back, and Ingold. Hill, Waddle, Moster, Jonnu Smith, and Durham Smyth can make up a two-tight end set.

The team can use three wide receivers, Hill, Waddle, and OBJ, tight end Jonnu Smith, and a Running Back.

A big package of Achane, Mostert, Smythe, and Jonnu can go with Hill or Waddle. It would also be exciting to see Hill, Waddle, OBJ, Malik Washington, and Achane in one package! There are also countless other options available. Mike McDaniel, Frank Smith, and Tua will determine the best packages that work the best and put Tua in the best position to succeed.

The impact of Jonnu Smith and Jody Fortson at tight end should not be underestimated, especially if Fortson stays healthy. OBJ, Fortson, and Smith are going to open up the red zone a lot. There are three guys who can highpoint a football. By making difficult catches and creating space, the Dolphins can stop throwing the back endzone corner fade that worked once against the Chargers.

This offense should be able to do big things this year. Yes, I know part of my plan was to sign another interior lineman, and I still believe they will. Let Dalton Risner or Greg Van Roten be part of the best offense in 2024.

It is going to be an exciting time in Miami, and the season cannot get here fast enough for this Dolphin fan!