Photographs: Anonymous motor vehicle wizbang thingamabobs

March 6, 2024

Anonymous motor vehicles



A friend sent these to me and I thought you might enjoy them. He supplied nothing of the vehicle type, country, year, photographer, etc… so I have undertaken some judicious research and surmised the rest. Somehow today’s cars just don’t have the joie de vivre of these earlier contraptions. Enjoy the inventiveness of man and his love of the vehicular device!

Information on any of the photographs would be appreciated.


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English amphibious car 1910s-20s


English amphibious car – by the look of the number plate, 1910s-1920s


English half-track car c. 1910s-1920s?


English half-track car c. 1910s-1920s?


English, probably at a Butlins holiday camp or some such, 1940s-50s


English, probably at a Butlins holiday camp or some such, 1940s-1950s by the look of the cars


Anonymous motor vehicles


French, 1960s?


Amphibious Riley 1931

For a private Africa expedition (London to Capetown) Riley needed a trick to cross the rivers on his journey. The inflatable pontoons did the job but the holding rack was so close to the wheels that steering was impossible when the pontoons where in place. The brand name of the car is Riley to, if you are wondering where Riley got the money for his expedition.

Text from the Amphiclopedia website [Online] Cited 12/03/2013 no longer available online

Anonymous motor vehicles


Miniature lorry, English c.1920s-30s?


Miniature lorry, English c. 1920s-1930s?


Ian Cameron. 'Ay-Ell' 1964


Ian Cameron



16th January, 1964: “On the day after the official opening of the Tay Salmon Rod Fishing Season, Duncan McGregor catches an 8lb salmon from Ian Cameron’s amphibious car ‘Ay-Ell’.”


American delivery van 1910s-20s?

American delivery van 1910s-1920s?

Motorised half-track ferry, French?


Motorised half-track ferry, French?


English tricycle ambulance, c. 1940

English tricycle ambulance, c. 1940

English boat car 1950s?


Those mad Englishmen – boat car 1950s?


Motorouta 1931

Across Europe on a Monowheel!

The 1920s, however, also saw the introduction of a few more ‘sensible’ motorised monowheels, which were really aimed as useable one-wheeled motorcycles. One of these was the mid-1920s Italian Motorouta that was actually produced in limited numbers. According to an advertisement of the time this machine had a 175 cc engine coupled to a 3-speed gearbox. It must have worked reasonably well, since a Swiss engineer by the name of Gerdes set of with a Motorouta machine for a rather grand trip from Switzerland to Spain in 1931. We know that he made it to Arles in the south of France, but whether he ever reached Spain is unclear.

Text from the Dark Roasted Blend: Monowheels website [Online] Cited 24/10/2020


English open-air tram c. 1930s-40s?


English open-air tram – class-ridden scene with the old workers houses, gas container behind, c. 1930s-1940s?


Anonymous motor vehicles


American, 1910s-1920s?


Anonymous motor vehicles, English 1930s?


Oh wow, love this!
English 1930s?


English tricar, 1920s-30s


English tricar, 1920s-30s


English tricar, two photographs of the same vehicle, 1920s-1930s? Love the circular door… another three-wheeler!


Bond Minicar 3-Wheeler. In production 1948-1965 English