Related Why did people say that King Tutankhamun has European ancestry when his images and mummy are clearly that of an African?

March 2, 2024

Why did people say that King Tutankhamun has European ancestry when his images and mummy are clearly that of an African?Originally Answered: Why did people say that King Tutankhamun has European ancestry when his mummy is clearly that of an African?

Confusion or because they are somehow confused as to whats European ancestry vs African ancestry. Still confusion…

King Tut was fully indigenous African as can be seen in his facial busts and also his DNA markers. If this wasn’t the case, a fake/alternate bursts wouldn’t have been made, & in addition, we should at least be able to see millions of his look alike today in Europe. To understand this whole distortion of facts, we need to understand something about Eurocentrism, their main goal is to insert their themselves in place of historical characters in order to steal the history and the achievements of others. To do this, they have to distort facts, make up new stories, repaint historical images and create modern facial busts of ancient Pharaohs with the main purpose of highlighting these new ones as “the image”.

From the Egyptian museum of antiquities, we have these images below. Note that these were not photoshopped, no flash of lights on them, no shadows, no angle shots, no bias lightening effects and lightening in the museum was adequate. Note that I have exposed my skin in order to effectively compare my “black” African skin tone to that of King Tut.

Olisah Jideofor’s answer to King Tut’s throne clearly depicts him as a black African. Why do people deny the fact that the original ancient Egyptians were black people?

Here we see a 100% match between my skin color and that of King Tut’s

Side view of King Tuts Negroid head (common with native African male children). Note the perfect match with my skin color.

The picture above is not from the aforementioned museum. This picture places an emphasis on a general difference between two skulls.

Close up view of my skin color and King Tut’s. Notice the perfect match in skin color. Imagined I walked with teenage King Tut around the streets of England or the USA today, without a doubt, most will classify us as the same race.

Also note that King Tut was born into Royalty. He most likely didn’t spend enough time under the sun, even if he did, at that age the sun couldn’t possible change his skin tone permanently from white (Europeans) or yellowish brown (color of most modern Egyptians in Cairo) to medium-dark brown.

If these pictures aren’t adequate, then what else can we reference, DNA?

Is anyone surprised that DNA of King Tut matches that of southern, central and tropical west Africans? I’m not because the artifacts is in agreement. The origins of the ancient Egyptians are also in agreement: Olisah Jideofor’s answer to Why do ancient Egyptians look like Sub-Saharan?

I didn’t take this picture above. But you can see it in the same museum. This is King Tut’s facial burst. Notice his thick lips and broad nostrils (i.e., his nostrils doesn’t look narrow like a birds beak or a protruding hook). Also notice his high and wide cheek bones that protrudes outwards (the cheek bone makes a hump). This high cheek bone wasn’t as obvious in the first image of him I showed. This is because he was most likely much younger then. These so called “negroid feature” becomes more apparent as most “black” children age into adult hood. The high and protruding cheek bone is a core negroid feature and also found within some parts of Asia (Philippines, South China etc).

This is the side view of King Tut’s face, same as above. Notice the cheek bone, thick lips and also the protruding maxilla. These are all core so called negroid features. Compare to the picture of the Sphinx below.

This gives details of the inclination of maxilla to forehead between different types of skulls. Apparently, the Sphinx is also clearly has negroid features similar to King Tut.

I didn’t take this picture, but you can see this image in the same museum. Did you notice the wide nostrils in comparison to the dorsum? Notice his obviously thick lips?

In summary, King Tut was a “black” boy, with no indication of European ancestry. The evidence is extremely clear and crisp. Attributing the birth of ancient Egyptian civilization to any other race that is not indigenous “black” African is fallacy and is founded on the hinges of racism.