Roman Treasure Unveiled: York’s Ryedale Hoard (Video)

July 16, 2023

The Ryedale Hoard, a group of four stunning bronze objects, has become the focus of a captivating exhibition at the Yorkshire Museum. Unearthed near Ryedale, North Yorkshire, this discovery offers a glimpse into Britain’s Roman past. One intriguing artifact is an imperial scepter head bust, possibly depicting Emperor Marcus Aurelius . Its detailed craftsmanship and provincial style suggest it was created in Britain, even though the artist may have never seen the emperor in person. Another captivating piece is a small figurine of the god Mars, portrayed as a horse and rider. The intricate details, including the crested helmet and ornate horse harness, highlight the significance of Mars in Roman Britain, particularly among soldiers.

The hoard also features a unique plum bob, a tool used for construction projects. Its larger size and elaborate design make it a rare find, raising questions about its purpose and inclusion in the hoard. Lastly, a broken key, said to possess magical properties, adds to the enigmatic nature of the collection. Despite its damaged state, the key handle showcases remarkable craftsmanship. This exhibition provides a fascinating insight into Britain’s Roman history , allowing visitors to appreciate the artistry and mystery of these objects. The Ryedale Hoard continues to intrigue, shedding light on ancient beliefs and customs in Roman Yorkshire.