Sanxingdui archaeological site-2000 years ago drone.

March 16, 2024

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Drone from 2000 Years Ago: The Sanxingdui Archaeological Enigma
In a time when humanity was yet to dream of flight, a mysterious object was soaring through the sky. The year was 200 B.C., and the Sanxingdui archaeological site, now known as one of China’s greatest ancient mysteries, was a thriving city. The object, a drone-like artifact, was not of the present, nor was it from the future. It was a creation of the extraordinary Sanxingdui civilization.

AI-generated image is being shared as a real image of an ancient 21 billion  years old drone unearthed in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. - FACTLY
The drone, a mesmerizing amalgamation of bronze and gold, buzzed as it flew over the city. Its intricate design, far ahead of its time, was reminiscent of the masks and other artifacts the people of Sanxingdui were known for. Its wings, although made of metal, moved with a lifelike grace that fascinated everyone who saw it. Despite its seemingly heavy structure, it flowed through the air with the elegance of a bird.

The drone was not just a spectacle but an integral part of the Sanxingdui society. It was used for various purposes, from scouting the surrounding areas for potential threats to studying the weather patterns for agricultural benefit. The city’s prosperity, to a great extent, was attributed to the drone’s capabilities.
The existence of the drone was kept a secret from the outside world. The people of Sanxingdui, aware of its importance, feared that the knowledge of such advanced technology might invite trouble. Their city was a sanctuary, and the drone was their guardian angel.
One day, however, the drone began to malfunction. It started to lose altitude during its flights, and the once smooth humming sound it