The 2000-year-old Roman road with 3 skeletons beneath a McDonald’s restaurant in Rome, Italy.

An ancient stretch of Roman road has been found under a McDonald’s.

The 150ft-long stretch of basalt road has now became a permanent attraction at the ‘museum,’ with people intrigued to visit the ‘historical attraction’.

Customers can now walk on the road underneath the restaurant in Rome, Italy, as well as see the three skeletons that have been uncovered.

The skeletons have yet to be dated through carbon testing, it has been reported.

People are now visiting the ‘museum’ under McDonald’s ( Image: Rex Features) Three skeletons have been found ( Image: Rex Features)  

After undergoing restoration, the road can also be viewed through a glass floor.

The unearthed road has clear signs of wear and tear from cart wheels, it has been reported, and was most likely used for a few hundred years before it was abandoned.

An ancient Roman road beneath a fast-food eatery ( Image: Rex Features)  

n ancient stretch of Roman road discovered beneath a McDonald’s in Rome can now been admired ( Image: Rex Features)