The Black Pyramid Of The Son Of The Creator

The peculiarity is that on the stone thirteen rows of bricks are carved that become fluoresce when illuminated by ultraviolet light, and also on the apex of the pyramid there is a one eye in relief, also fluorescent.

This is a stone pyramid about ten inches high. It was found in the 1980s in the jungles of Ecuador, and this and other artifacts are referred to as La Mana artifacts.

It is striking, at first sight, but there is a lot more to this out-of-place-artifact (or, oopart) than meets the eye.

The stone is black and white, with thirteen levels of a brick pyramid engraved into it.

There is also a cleverly inlaid eye at the top of the pyramid.


Black Tourmaline Orgonite Pyramid With Flower Of Life , Arkaan Agate  Manufacture at Rs 150/piece | Orgone Pyramid in Khambhat | ID: 23866573948

Let’s turn off the lights and put on some blacklight, just for fun. Ultraviolet light, but still — light. Follow the game of words.

The most intriguing, La Maná, Ecuador's found artifact is a representation  of a pyramid with 13 horizontal divis… | Pyramids, Ancient discoveries,  Ancient mysteries

The pyramid stone, glowing in ultraviolet blacklight. This is not from a Lady Gaga video.

Black pyramid sculpture found in Ecuador with gold inlays | Orion, Ancient  humans, Pyramids

A closeup of the eye inlay. If only Robert Anton Wilson could have seen this.

An original, the pyramid stone, and a fake – a one dollar Federal Reserve Note, with a thirteen-step pyramid plus eye on it.

Of course, thirteen steps in this official badge. This is just one of dozens of depictions of the thirteen-stepped, one-eyed pyramid. Duh-pa’s Information Awareness Office logo. Subtle. You know that it must be a Freemason who thinks he is running this joint.

Now Watch This

If you think that this is interesting so far, wait until you see what you find when you turn this pyramid stone upside down.

Be warned, you can not go back from where you are going.

The translation of the five symbols (the fifth is the I-like scratch to the right of the five golden dots), engraved into the base of the pyramid stone:

Black Pyramid of Son of Creator

“The Son Of The Creator Comes From Here …”

This language is so-called “Pre-Sanskrit”, translated by German linguist Kurt Schildmann. According to him, this writing is similar, but older, than Sanskrit. Until Schildmann saw this (and other) artifacts, Sanskrit was considered to be the oldest written language. Schildmann named this writing therefore “Pre-Sanskrit”. There are many other stone artifacts with inscriptions in Pre-Sanskrit awaiting translation.

The inlaid dots, by the way, coincide with the constellation of Orion.

Below is the transcription, and its mirror below it, found on a German website. I assume that they based their translation on Schildmann’s. Note that the sign which looks like our “I” is not in the group together with the other four signs, but before (or after) the inlaid dots.

This is the mirrored translation:

“Venus mine, is from highest/creator Star”

Big Questions Ahead

– Who do you think of when you read “Son Of The Creator”?

– Why does this stone pyramid shine under blacklight?

– Is this hint at “light” related to that ominous lightbringer, Lucifer?

– Freemasons worship Lucifer, with most if not all of them not knowing it. They are seriously into LIGHT. Also, they are very much into placing pyramids with eyes all over their freaking 1% symbology — and, unfortunately, our 99% as well.

– Is this pyramid stone proof of the Freemason’s core belief that Jesus and Lucifer are the same?

– Why is the exact same 13-stepped pyramid with the all-seeing eye all over the world, but always lacks the reference to “The Son Of The Creator”? From, presumably, Orion? Hello?

There is a rumour that three of these original pyramid stones exist. One in posession of the Rothschilds — WTF else!

Another, in a Belgian witch museum.

And this one, found in the jungles of Ecuador in the 1980s.

Out-Of-Place Artifacts (oop-arts) and Out-Of-Ideas Science (ooi-sci)

Only because this and many other artifacts are not considered to be “genuine” by the establishment sciences, and only because of this fact, is it possible to bring such objects out of a country and show them in public exhibits. Pieces like this one slip under a certain radar — into freedom. You will see what I mean.

If these Out-Of-Place-Artifacts were to be considered “genuine” — mostly, because they would then not disturb the establishment science’s dogmas — nobody would be able to see them. Ever. Because if they were accepted by the scientist priests, these artifacts would belong to the culture, state, museum, or the Smithsonian (famous for throwing away or “loosing” the juiciest finds), and they would be safely re-buried in some vault, never to be seen again.

But the truth has a way of working itself out of the darkness and into the light. Certainly in this case. A sign from heaven?

Official requests through official channels, such as museum directors to other museum directors, for the purpose of lending out such WTF artifacts … are in practically all cases fruitless. Usually, these requests are not even made in the first place. Because the museum where such a WTF artifact is held does not know anything about its requested artifact. And you can’t have that. So, they are kept buried, as if nobody ever excavated them.


Black Pyramid of Son of Creator

A link to Klaus Dona’s website [above]. No foundation behind him. Almost no money, certainly no big money for Klaus. It is a private effort. Klaus Dona knows how to make friends among collectors and scholars worldwide, among other things by trading information. He has overseen professional exhibits and knows the intricacies of moving priceless art across borders and continents inside out. And he knows people who know things. An explosive mix — when you have his sort of fiercely independent dedication. An admirable man.

Enemies? Quite a few. Powerful ones.

Klaus Dona in the Project Camelot interview, after cheerfully admitting that he has been harassed in major ways, but intends to continue his work, no matter what.

Let us put this entire issue into one sentence, then:

The eye-topped pyramid is universally regarded as a symbol of the Sun God — or was it Son God?

My hunch is that the original thing, or meaning, whatever it was … has been hijacked over the eons of time. Perhaps several times. This may be the reason why this does not make sense.

Actually, it does make sense. But is absolutely does not make common sense.