The Gold Vault in the UK Leaves Me Astonished.

September 10, 2023

Deep down the streets of London there is a secret underground vault where 4,600 tons of gold of the Bank of England is stored.All this £197 billion worth of gold bullion is carefully guarded and rarely seen by outsiders.

Admire the UK's gold vault photo 1

Each shelf in the warehouse holds £35 million worth of gold.Admire the UK's gold vault photo 2

Chemistry professor Martyn Poliakoff of the University of Nottingham has just been allowed to visit the British treasure.Admire the UK's gold vault photo 3

In this warehouse, about 310 tons of gold are deposited by other organizations and countries. Each gold bar is printed with a serial number and year of manufacture. The oldest gold bar here is dated 1916.Admire the UK's gold vault photo 4

Even when sold, the gold in this vault is not taken out, but simply converted to the owner’s name.Admire the UK's gold vault photo 5

If you consider all this gold as a brick, using them can build a wall 20m high, or a square wall measuring 18mx18m.