The Hand of St Catherine of Siena

Có thể là hình ảnh về lồng chụp cây

In this photograph, you can see the relic of the hand of St Catherine of Siena. It is held in the Dominican convent of Our Lady of the Roasy in Rome.

Sister Maria Domenica holds the hand of Saint Catherine of Siena at... News Photo - Getty Images
 St Catherine died in 1380 in Rome and yet you can still see the fingernails on her hand as well as flesh that has not decomposed, even after 700 years.
Incorrupt Left Hand of Saint Catherine of Alexandria | Flickr
This is one of the many accounts of Catholic saints having bodies that do not corrupt very quickly.
Saint Catherine of Siena's divine head – Strange Remains
Amazing! Any atheist Scientists like to explain this one? This is a fascinating area that religion and science can converge to discover the amazing truths of the Catholic faith.
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