The hidden history of tartaria and the reset of human memory

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Tartary or Great Tartary would be a lost civilization, a powerful and vast empire that occupied all of North Asia until about 1775.

Tartarian Empire: Inside Architecture's Wildest Conspiracy Theory -  Bloomberg
It is like an ancient World Order, known as “the greatest country in the world”. It stretches from the territory of the Caspian Sea and the Ural Mountains to the Pacific coast.
Tartary will disintegrate after several disasters and will also be subjected to repression by the world elite. One such disaster could be the infamous and mysterious Great Mud Flood. The purpose was to hide the cities and evidence of their empire (from the Old World Order to the New World Order).
In the history books, this country appears, occupying the whole of Siberia, it will not be a lost civilization (completely), but there will be some important aspects that are said to have been suppressed, e.g. such as imperialism and its influence on Europe and Asia. Tartary appears on several maps and official publications from before the 19th century, but was

Tartarian Empire: Inside Architecture's Wildest Conspiracy Theory -  Bloomberg
then it started to disappear from these things.
According to new researchers, the country will also be highly advanced (unique), with clean and free technology. Some examples might be mysterious photos with old technology.
Tartary is a noble ancient civilization. The alternative story says that it was infiltrated and destroyed by the world’s elite (or another set of empires). The reason is the ambition to dominate large territories and steal and manage the scientific and technological knowledge it contains. This disintegration should have been carried out in medieval times.