The “Lost City”, the ancient wonder older than Machu Picchu

October 8, 2023

Hidden in the jungle of the Sierra Nevada mountains, in Colombia, is the “Ciudad Perdida”, or “Lost City”. Built around 800, it was discovered in 1970.

Also known as Teyuna, the ancient wonder is often compared to the Peruvian city of Machu Picchu, as both archaeological sites are located in the hills of the South American rainforest. However, Teyuna is 650 years older than Machu Picchu and to get there there are no trains or buses, the only way is to walk for many days.

The journey to the “Lost City” goes through a difficult road, which starts with a difficult path, with dense vegetation, tall banana trees, hanging vines, and then climbs four mountains. The whole guide is carried out by mules, in difficult atmospheric conditions, between high temperatures and terrible humidity, but also the danger from river snakes.

The Wiwa community, descendants of the Tairona tribes, founders of this ancient civilization in Colombia, continue to have strong ties to its heritage. They still follow cults and rituals like their forefathers, demonstrating e.g. a strong spiritual connection to the land and forests. Dressed all in white, the tribe members live far away from the modern life of the world today.

It is thought that 2000 members of the Tairona tribe lived in this lost area of ​​difficult terrain for centuries, until they abandoned it sometime between 1580 and 1650, the time of Spanish colonization.

Unfortunately, in 1972, many treasures of gold, jewelry and ceramics were stolen from this ancient city. \ a2news