The pyramids of Egypt from above and below!

February 18, 2024

The Egyptian Pyramid is a great architectural work in the world. In particular, this Pyramid still contains countless secrets that up to now space science has not had a detailed explanation. So let’s learn in detail the interesting and useful information in this article!

May be an image of the Great Sphinx of Giza
The pyramids of Egypt from above and below!

The Pyramid is a pyramidal structure with a square base and four surrounding sides that are equilateral triangles. In fact, this Pyramid project is present everywhere in the world. Depending on each culture, they will have different characteristics and uses, but the most prominent project is still the Pyramid. Egyptian tower.

For the ancient Egyptians, the Golden Thu Tower was built and became a private burial place for the king and mandarins. According to historical records, after being crowned, the King’s first job was to build Build a Stupa for yourself. There are also some legends that this place was built to protect great secrets.

The pyramids of Egypt from above and below!The Giza Pyramid is a great work of the ancient Egyptians

The shape of the Egyptian Pyramid symbolizes the primordial mound from which the Egyptians believed the Earth was created as well as the sun’s rays. The names of the Pyramids are also related to the source of sunlight, such as the Bent Pyramid at Dahshur meaning the Pyramid that shines in the South, and the Senwosret Pyramid at el-Lahun has the name is Senwosret shining.


To date, scientists have found 138 pyramids in Egypt. Most of them were built on the left bank of the Nile River, where the sun sets and are believed to be related to the world of the dead in the gods. Egyptian dialogue.

The Nile River is the main river in North Africa and is the longest river in the world with a length of 6,853 km, emptying into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile River is most influential in African countries when associated with the formation, development and demise of many ancient kingdoms, contributing to the creation of the Nile civilization.

The Egyptian Pyramids are archaeological wonders that tower high above the desert sands and can be seen for miles. Moreover, building them is also a very difficult task, so who built them?

Giza is one of the largest Pyramids in Egypt and it was built as a burial tomb for powerful Pharaohs including Kings Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. Based on ancient documents and scientific estimates, to complete this project, the number of workers ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of people working continuously is needed.

Besides, there are also many theories that the builders of this project were enslaved Jews , residents of the city of Atlantis, and even aliens. However, all of the above hypotheses are just rumors and have no specific evidence.

The pyramids of Egypt from above and below!There are many theories about who built the Egyptian Pyramids

Over 4,000 years of history, the architectural works of the ancient Egyptians have become a testament to human civilization. In particular, this project has made great progress, immortalized over time and years. Some special features of this project are:

  • Location: The project was built on the left bank of the Nile River, near the capital Cairo
  • Size and shape: The Egyptian Pyramid has a height of nearly 147m and the largest surface area is approximately 53,000 m2. The shape of this structure symbolizes the original mound, with a surface paved with polished white limestone creating a splendid beauty.
  • Stone blocks: Each stone block used to build the Pyramid weighs from 2 to 30 tons, some even weigh up to 80 tons.
  • Construction techniques: Stone blocks weighing tens of tons are moved and placed precisely on top of each other without using modern machinery.
  • Finally, the Egyptian Pyramids are also famous for the statues, paintings and archaeological documents engraved on the surface, providing information about the life, religion and culture of the ancient Egyptians.

The Egyptian Pyramids have a history of thousands of years and there are many theories explaining their function. There is a theory that the ancient Egyptians built the Pyramid to store gold, jewelry, grains… of the upper class.

There are also some theories proving that this place was built with the purpose of helping people connect with the gods. Besides, there are also theories that the Egyptian Pyramids were simply built to preserve and preserve. The body of Pharaoh, the queen of Egypt after her death.

Some people also believe that the purpose of building the Pyramid was to give Egyptians and Nubians a safe haven and hide when there were terrible sandstorms. Furthermore, this place is also used to perform religious rituals, such as praying for rain or praying for peace in the country and people.

The pyramids of Egypt from above and below!The Egyptian Pyramids contain many secrets that have yet to be solved

Although the desert temperature is very hot, inside the Giza Pyramid the temperature is always stable at 20 degrees Celsius. Scientists brought rusty coins inside, the results after 1 month of bringing them inside. When they go out, these coins become brand new and shiny.

Scientists didn’t understand why the ancient Egyptians were able to transport blocks of stone weighing dozens of socks tightly glued together? Some people believed that alien creatures built this thing, and some thought that ancient people possessed some lost secret to build blocks of stone together?

Scientists are still studying the Egyptian stone cutting method and have found evidence that the Egyptians used copper chisels to exploit limestone and sandstone. For harder rocks such as diorite or granite, stronger tools must be used.

At the same time, scientists also researched the hypothesis that in order to transport the rock to the construction site, a group of men and oxen would pull the rock on a road lubricated with oil. Next, people use small slopes made from mud bricks and covered with mortar to harden the surface, continuing to use all their strength to move the rock upward.

Inside this Pyramid are placed many different types of traps to protect the ancient tombs of the Kings. All types of traps are made from thin, sharp steel wire hung horizontally at neck level. In addition, poisonous snake traps also often appear in many ancient Egyptian tombs. Inside are professionally trained extremely poisonous cobras. In addition, there are many types of toxic traps made from Hematite iron powder. If anyone accidentally inhales it, the body will slowly erode and die in an extremely painful way.

The pyramids of Egypt from above and below!In the Egyptian Pyramids were placed countless different types of traps

To this day, in the world there still exists a strange three-dimensional mystery, with all three of the most mysterious areas being the Giza Pyramid, the Silent Zone in Northern Mexico and finally the three most mysterious areas. Bermuda Triangle is located in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. The special point is that these three locations are located on a straight line to the Earth.

The Giza Pyramid lies directly with the Orion constellation belt in the sky, the three peaks of this Pyramid represent the three stars in the Orion constellation belt: Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. So the construction of the Pyramid can be linked to the observation and worship of celestial bodies in the sky in ancient Egyptian culture.

The Egyptian Pyramid is not only one of the seven largest wonders in the world in terms of architecture and construction techniques. According to American theologian Joseph Seiss, this is also the greatest wonder because it is located in the center of the Earth’s continent on the longest meridian and latitude line in the world.

The pyramids of Egypt from above and below!The Egyptian Pyramids are located right in the center of the world continent

The next interesting thing about the Giza Pyramid complex is that they all face the exact North Pole point of the Earth. Therefore, this is considered a project facing the North Pole more accurately than any other architectural work in the world.

Above is all the information that King Nem wants to share with readers about the Egyptian Pyramids and the mysteries inside that still have no detailed answers. Hopefully this useful information will help you better understand this mysterious century-old work throughout humanity.