The Veiled Virgin” marble statue was carved in the 19th century by Italian artist Giovanni Strazza.

March 11, 2024

Here is an excellent short video you will appreciate showing pieces with the similarities of the veiled design. Strazza carved the bust of “the veiled modona” around 1850.

How did Giovanni Strazza carve the Veiled Virgin? - Quora

What is even more or just as amazing are the Masters of the Renaissance period three and four hundred years earlier. It is truly amazing, the fluid silk movement of “marble” created by Bernini, the life-like texture of Michealangelo’s work. It is said when Michealangelo finished carving “Moses” he hit the sculpture on the knee with his hammer and said “now speak”. All carved out of “one solid” block of carrara marble.

How did Giovanni Strazza carve the Veiled Virgin? - Quora

There are very few people throughout history that have been “touched by the Gods” (so to speak) and were given extraordinary abilities i.e. Michelangelo, Bernini, da Vinci, Einstein, Galileo, Strazza….and many more.

In our modern society, we have lost these masters by fueling “nontalented” people and developing excuses like “there is no bad art, art is a form of self expression” where we use cheap parlor tricks of illusions, short cuts, and low or NO talent in order to be politically correct and not offend or hurt someone’s feelings.

In our society today, unfortunately, we have replaced talent and quality with poorly made mass produced products for the profits. The extraordinary talents have been replaced by Trumps, Gates, and Zuckerbergs and Carrara Marble sculptures have been replaced with 3D printers and marble powder resin castings.

Thank you for your awe and your appreciation of Strazza’s talent and work. It is taste and the appreciation of people that keep the masters and true talent alive today.