There was once a powerful Egyptian god by the name of Anubis who once visited us in the land down under

March 20, 2024
(There was once a powerful Egyptian god by the name of Anubis who once visited us in the land down under)
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There are a number of Glyphs which can be seen in Australia known as the Gosford Glyphs or the Kariong Hieroglyphs. These controversial depictions are a group of approximately 300 Egyptian-style hieroglyphs located in Kariong, Australia which certainly threaten to rock the boat of the accepted history books as it were. These glyphs are controversial in the sense that they have been dismissed as a hoax of course by academics following their initial discovery during the 1970s. These heavily influenced Egyptian carvings were first reported in by Alan Dash in 1975 who was a local surveyor working for Gosford Council. Mr Dash had been visiting this area for around seven years and surprisingly never noticed the glyphs prior which in turn prompted Dash to continue to visit for five years. Alan would be rewarded for his efforts as he would eventually discover new glyphs whenever he visited.
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Prior to this amazing discovery of possible ancient Egyptian presence within the land down under the site was engulfed with sand,rocks and immense thick overgrown vegetation which kept them hidden for how long, we can only guess. The most impressive image is that of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis, if then these glyphs are the real deal we would have to assume that Anubis had a strong presence within the Aboriginal lands and that these people revered this Jackal headed visitor. Either way we know that transoceanic contact did in fact take place within our remote past no matter what the academics spew, we have enough evidence around the globe to suggest these events and we also know that the ancient Egyptians were incredible boat builders and more than likely incredible seafarers too, it is therefore anyone’s guess as to how far and wide they ultimately traveled. I will go to my grave knowing that our history books are very wrong and that they have been heavily manipulated to suit those with deep pockets.
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