Travis Kelce Had The Best Reaction To Seeing Taylor Swift Get Punk’d

May 1, 2024

Travis Kelce knows Taylor Swift’s “Punk’d” experience all too well.

The NFL player told “New Heights” podcast guest Andrew Santino Wednesday that he watched the MTV prank show and is familiar with the comedian’s epic prank on his now-girlfriend.

Santino, 40, went on to describe the 2012 episode anyway, explaining that the Grammy winner, now 34, believed she had accidentally set off a firework of Justin Bieber’s that destroyed a boat.

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber

Travis Kelce cracked up over Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber’s “Punk’d” episode.MTV UK/Youtube

Travis Kelce

Kelce talked about the 2012 prank with “New Heights” guest Andrew Santino.cheetosantino/Instagram Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber

He “bought” that his now-girlfriend believed she had ruined a wedding.MTV UK/Youtube

“There was a wedding party [on board],” the actor recalled. “I was the groom, and we were dinghy-ed to shore with our boat on fire, and we blamed her for ruining our wedding.”

Kelce, also 34, cracked up as Santino relived the prank and said he has “got to ask Tay about that.”

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end noted, “I’ll see if she was trying to sell it or not. When I saw it, I bought it.”

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber

Swift thought she set off a firework that destroyed a boat.MTV UK/Youtube

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber

She later said she was “traumatized” by the experience.WireImage

Santino insisted that he “know[s] she bought it,” calling the prank “the perfect bit that worked.”

He added, “Some of the bits were so wild they didn’t work. But hers was specifically great because there were so many pieces that came together. They don’t always come together like that.”

At the time, Swift told CMT Insider that she was “absolutely traumatized and terrified” by the experience.

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber

The pop star didn’t believe she had it in her to prank Bieber back.WireImage

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Kelce wants to “ask” Swift about the throwback episode.AFP via Getty Images

As for whether she planned to get Bieber, now 30, back for taking part in the prank, the “Fortnight” singer clarified she was not “really that girl.”