Unbelievable Story: The Corpse Of A Young Boy Not Only Did Not Decompose, But Also Grew Hair And Fingernails Like A Living Person

The incredible story of a boy’s body that not only did not decompose, but also grew hair and fingernails like a living person.

Thailand is a country with many mysterious stories that modern science is difficult to explain, especially in rural areas.

According to Qingdao, China, in the northern countryside of Thailand appeared the body of a very strange boy. Although the boy died a long time ago, the body did not decompose, even growing hair and nails like a living person. Upon learning of this unbelievable story, many people flocked to see it. They also rumored to each other that if they bowed to the boy’s body, he would win the lottery (?!).

Body grows hair and nails like a living person – 1

The boy’s parents said that because of a serious illness, their son had died at the age of 6. At first, they took their children to the temple to be buried, but then something unbelievable happened. They often see boys appearing in dreams, complaining that they are not used to living in temples. At that time, they thought that they had such a dream because they missed their son so much. Then, instructed by a noble, the two moved their son’s body to another temple. However, not long after, they dreamed of the boy insisting to go home.

Out of love for their son, his parents decided to take their son’s body home. Since then, they no longer dream their previous dreams. For years, they put their son in a glass cage so they could be with him every day. More strangely, although the boy’s body has dried up, his hair and nails have not stopped growing.

Body grows hair and nails like a living person – 2

Body grows hair and nails like a living person – 3

Everyone in the village knew about the unbelievable story in the couple’s house, but not only were they not afraid of dead bodies, but they also brought things children like to worship. Gradually, because of the number of people coming to visit each day, the boy’s parents had to build a small house to facilitate worship.