Walk through the Basilica in the Villa Romana

Explore the virtual tour of the elaborately-decorated Basilica and North rooms and learn more about the scenes on the mosaics.

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The whole complex is somewhat unusual, as it is organised along three major axes; the primary axis is the (slightly bent) line that passes from the atrium, tablinum, peristyle and the great basilica (coinciding with the path visitors would follow). The thermal baths and the elliptical peristyle with the triclinium are centred on separate axes.

Little is known about the earlier villa, but it appears to have been a large country residence probably built around the beginning of the second century.

La Caccia / The Great Hunt Mosaic | Villa Romana del Casale

Recent excavations have found a second bath complex close to the storerooms at the entrance dating to the late antique phase and showing rare wall mosaics belonging to a basin or a fountain.

The Great Hunt Mosaic | Villa Romana del Casale