Why couldn’t the romans or greeks built a structure as advanced or impresive as the pyramids of giza?

April 1, 2024
In the 1st century, the Romans built the “Coliseum”, or Flavian amphitheater. Its construction was started by Vespasien in 72 after J. -C. and inaugurated by Titus in 80 after J. -C. It then underwent other modifications under the Roman Empire. Later, he underwent new modifications under the Domitian empire, circa 90 after J. -C.
Why couldn't the romans or greeks built a structure as advanced or  impresive as the pyramids of giza? : r/ancientgreece
When the Romans built the Colosseum, they had much greater labor (thanks to slaves) and economic resources than those of the ancient kingdom of Egypt. Furthermore, the Romans were known all over the world for their exceptional construction skills. Roman roads, bridges, aqueducts they created, to name a few, not only still exist today, but in many cases, they are still in perfect working order.
Why didn't the Romans build a structure as advanced and practical like the pyramids  of Giza? - Quora
The Romans knew the use of the wheel for transportation, they used carts pulled by sturdy oxen (which reduced the labor of workers), they knew iron to cut and polish stone blocks, they knew cranes, pulleys and many other technical systems and Architects that were not in the possession of the Old Empire at the time the Great Pyramid was supposed to be built.
The Romans also had an asset up their sleeve: they knew the use of arches in architecture, which allowed them to erect multi-story buildings with some ease, thus saving time, material, and labor. Theoretically, between the Romans and the Egyptians of the Ancient Empire, “there should be no match” regarding the ability to build megalithic structures. Roman engineers had an advantage over the Egyptians in every respect.
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What do we see if we compare the construction of the Colosseum with that of the Great Pyramid? The Colosseum is much smaller than the Great Pyramid. The Colosseum is an elliptical structure, with a maximum width of 189 meters and a minimum width of 156 meters. The arena, also elliptical, measures 87 meters long and 55 meters wide. Given the maximum height of 55 meters, the total volume of the Colosseum is about 1,320,000 cubic meters. But as it is an amphitheater, unlike the pyramid, the Colosseum is largely empty inside. The volume of the single constructed section is therefore much smaller than the total volume, of 0.1 million cubic meters. Its built section was built with approximately 100,000 cubic meters of travertine, for a total weight of approximately 275,000 tons. The maximum weight of each travertine block used for the Colosseum is about 1 ton, while others are smaller. So it can be said that on average, at least 300,000 blocks were used.
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The Great Pyramid is 26 times the volume of the Colosseum, and weighs approximately 21 times the volume. Roman technology was about 3,000 years ahead of the Egyptians, and about 100,000 slaves were employed to build the Colosseum (10 times more labor than what was supposed to have been used for the Great Pyramid). Nevertheless, it took the Romans 8 years to build the Colosseum, and 18 years in total to complete it as we know it. And the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza is not even remotely comparable to that of the Colosseum.
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This means that with the same energy used to build the Colosseum, if the Romans wanted to build the Great Pyramid, it would have taken between 184 and 400 years. If the Romans had been deprived of the use of wheels, carts pulled by oxen, cranes, pulleys, iron and everything they owned that the Egyptians did not, the glorious Romans probably would not have been able to build the Great Pyramid of Giza. So it is clear that no pharaoh could have built the Great Pyramid of his life. It’s a project that, given the technology available at the distant time it was built, probably would have taken several generations to complete.
If the Romans couldn’t build the Great Pyramid in 40 years, then no people of the past we know of could. So who built these ? And when ?