Woman holds up children on the beach, 1931.

Kane Khanh | History
May 15, 2024

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There’s nothing like a good old blast from the past.

I love looking at vintage black and white photos. Getting a glimpse of the past can be a fun trip down memory lane, but it can also be good for a few good laughs. So when I saw this collection of weird, vintage beach photos, I was absolutely hooked.

These photos, taken throughout the first half of the twentieth century, reveal two amazing things: people have always loved the beach and people have always had a great sense of humor. I loved checking out all of these fun beach photos, from Marilyn Monroe skiing on the beach with her dog, to pictures where I said to myself with a chuckle, “I don’t know what is going on here.”

Scroll through for a hilarious and weird blast from the past. And with the arrival of summer, you might just try out some of these vintage bathing suits or crazy photo poses yourself!

Which of these great photos is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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Lưu305157_5_ Real Clear

Women wear large headpieces on Venice beach, 1930s.

LưuDancing on the Beach, Bournemouth, 1925 Vintage Everyday

Women dance on the beach in Bournemouth, U.K., 1920s.

Lưu7f8b5766a553e8eba8cd52ac3d133a33 Miss Meadows Vintage Pearls

Women pose in a progressive beauty contest on the beach, where they are judged on more than their looks.

LưuOn a Florida beach, ca. 1932 Four DIY Ddivers, c. 1940s

Four young women with their bicycles on the beach, Moruya, New South Wales, ca. 1900

Vintage Everyday

Women pose with their bicycles on a beach in New South Wales, 1900.

LưuHolding up children on the beach, 1931-1 Vintage Everyday

Woman holds up children on the beach, 1931.

LưuMarilyn-Monroe-wearing-skis-at-the-beach-with-her-dog-Ruffles-1947 TINP

Marilyn Monroe wears skis and walks her dog, Ruffles, at the beach, 1947.

Lưu602c0b10_Tall Stripers

People ride a beach buggy on the beach in this vintage photo.

Lưu 3b45864r_0Library of Congress

Man measures woman’s bathing suit length at the beach, 1922.